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            Norwalk Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

            Protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

            To many people, the very word "bankruptcy" connotes failure and total financial disaster. In fact, however, the purpose of bankruptcy is to provide debtors with a legal, safe remedy for coping with unmanageable debt. Bankruptcy offers people in over their head in debt a legitimate path to a fresh start.

            Speak with an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

            Questions about bankruptcy? Get answers now. When you choose our law office, you work directly with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, not a paralegal or staff memeber. For more information directly from an experienced bankruptcy attorney, or to get started with our easy payment plan, call 203-326-1229 or contact云南福彩app下载 online.

            Creditors make calculated business decisions when they decide to make loans and otherwise extend credit. Likewise, if the time has come for you to confront the load of debt that weighs you down, you have the right to take any legal measure to alleviate that burden, including bankruptcy.

            You are Most Definitely Not Alone as You Consider Bankruptcy for Debt Relief

            Bankruptcy is a time-honored solution to debt overload that dates back to ancient times. In our country云南福彩app下载 and in our day, we know that bankruptcy was provided for in the Constitution written in the 1700s. Many famous and successful Americans have used bankruptcy as needed along their personal and professional journeys. Walt Disney, Donald Trump, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln are a few examples of distinguished figures in American life who have made use of bankruptcy to bring about debt reduction in times of need.

            You may be struggling with overwhelming debt and not know where to turn. Take advantage of:

            • Chapter 7, ideally culminating in discharge or wiping out of consumer debts such as credit card bills, medical bills and installment loans
            • Chapter 13, resulting in reorganization of debts through a repayment plan spanning three to five years and a discharge of remaining debt left over at the end of time period.
            • Bankruptcy exemptions: In most cases, debtors filing bankruptcy can keep their 云南福彩app下载s, their cars and personal belongings. Talk to a Norwalk personal bankruptcy lawyer about your unique circumstances. Contact us.
            • Stripping a second mortgage in order to help you get your mortage debt under control
            • Discharging debt in bankruptcy such as personal loans,credit card debt and medical bills

            Affordable Bridgeport Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection · Lawyer Offers Free Consultation

            Many debtors are thrust into consideration of bankruptcy after their 云南福彩app下载s are at risk of foreclosure. Explore your options before accepting foreclosure as a done deal. Contact Edward W. Vioni, Attorney at Law, LLC, to learn how bankruptcy may serve as an alternative to foreclosure, while allowing you to remain in and keep your 云南福彩app下载 or business property.

            Payment Plans Available

            We understand that when you are facing financial difficulties, it can be hard to come up with the entire fee for filing bankruptcy all at once. We have easy payment plans available to help you be able to afford the immediate relief you deserve. For more information about getting started with our easy payment plan, call 203-326-1229 or contact云南福彩app下载 online.

            Contact Our Connecticut Law Offices

            When you retain our Connecticut bankruptcy legal services, you can expect dedicated, aggressive and cost-effective legal counsel and representation. Ask for references and case studies and we will do our best to provide you the reassurance you are looking for before committing to doing business with us. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and get started with our easy payment plan at 203-326-1229.

            Bankruptcy Lawyer in Connecticut

            We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.